Communication Site Overview in SharePoint online – Part one



Microsoft recently provide the huge update for SharePoint online customers to view the SharePoint sites in different level User Interface. This site template named as “Communication Site

Now How to get the “Update” in your tenant

Navigate to

Open Admin Center ->Settings -> Organization Profile

Release preferences -> Click Edit ->Select “First release for eveyone”

Click Next -> Click Save

Just wait for couple of hours the update has been applied to your sharepoint tenant.

Now let’s check communication site template in your sharepoint tenant

Open Admin center -> Click sharepoint

On that page Click Create Site

You now able to see the two site templates one will be Team site, and another one is Communication site

Communication site:

Communication site template provides beautiful look and feel of sharepoint site across all the devices like mobile, desktops, tablets, sharepoint mobile applications with fully responsive.

It’s showing three types of design layouts

• Topic -> Contains News, Events, Documents and other webparts as team sites
• Showcase -> It helps to display the photos and images well suitable for products related sites
• Blank -> It’s a blank site template, we need to integrate all the webparts and layouts from the scratch

Now let’s create all the three templates and see the experience of beautiful communication sites

Click Communication site -> Choose Topic design template-> Provide the site title and Description -> Click Finish

Site has been created successfully

Here we discuss about

• Navigation
• News webpart and it’s layouts
• Page layouts with Mobile and desktop views
• People Picker Card Webpart

Let’s Getting started with navigation

You can now able to organize you site navigation on the page using “Edit” link

Now I will show you create a link and sub link

Click Edit -> Click on the child navigation -> Click Make Sub link ->Click Save

Now the “Document” link has been moved as sub link “Home”

Create a New Menu Item -> Click on Add Icon

Click Ok

Look “Our tenant” Menu item has been added successfully

News Webpart (This new News web part provides the rich UI experience for display and reading news)

Click Edit Page -> Click Add in a Page

Select News Webpart from Add web part selection window

You can able to see the Three types of layouts

  • Top Story [View the content and images as a thumbnail widget]
  • List View [This layout shows one by one ]
  • Side by Side [It shows the content and images side by side]

Just Add going to news contents into this News web part

Click Add
It navigate to content page -> Provide the title of your News page

Click ADD Icon -> Click Image

Click Upload

Add Text Into it

You can also now able to adjust the font settings, Align as lookalike Microsoft office word

Click Save and Publish

Top story layout:

List View Layout:

Side By Side Layout

 People Profile Webpart

This web part helps to show the people card in your sharepoint page

Click Add -> Select People

Provide the People name and Press Enter it added automatically

Click on the profile -> It will pop up the user information like phone, email and recent activities of the user

Page Layouts

  • One Columns – Seperated grid into one single portion
  • Two Columns – Seperated grid into two portions
  • Three Columns – Seperated grid into three portions
  • One Third – left column- separated grid into 1 3rd adjust left column
  • One Third – Right column – separated grid into 1 3rd adjust right column Now

you can select your column grids from on the go no need to write even single line of code. It works well across all the devices.

Let’s check the one column layout



Two columns:



You can also change the background image of the title section

Three Column Layout:

Added Iframe Webpart into the third column


One Third – left column



One Third – Right column



Communication Site Overview in SharePoint online – Part two   –   Coming soon..

Happy sharepointing!..

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