Document Approval Workflow in SharePoint 2013


Open the SharePoint site.

Open SharePoint site

Create the Document Library.

Create the document library

Click on workflow settings.

workflow settings

Select the Workflow association type as “Document”.


Click on Add a workflow.

Select the approval workflow then provide the name for the workflow, “Approval Status”.

Approval Status

Create a new task list for this workflow.

Create a new task

Uncheck Allow this workflow to be manually started.

workflow to be manually started

Check the box Create a new item will start this workflow.

Create a new item

Click Next.

Provide the approvers for this workflow.

approvers for this workflow

Provide the document request message.

document request message

Check “Automatically reject the document if its rejected by any user”, so it will reject the document if it’s rejected by any one of the users.

Check “Automatically reject the document if it change before the workflow has been completed”, so the document has been rejected when the user has been deleted or changed.

Automatically reject the document

Click Save.

So now you can see the simple Approval Workflow has been created.

simple Approval Workflow

Now open the Document Library to upload the document.

upload the document

Now you see the Approval status has been InProgress.


Now login as approvers username and password to approve the tasks.

password to approve the tasks

Enter your comments and click approve or reject.

Enter you comments

After approval of both from both users you can now see the status of the document.

After approval

status of the document

So the document has been approved successfully.

If you need to read the comments provided by the approver click on the approved status link

click on the approved status

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