User Profile service application in SharePoint 2013


Open Central Administration.

central administration

Under System Settings click Manage services on the server.

Manage services on the server

Navigate through the User profile service then click Start if its not started.

Click Start if its not started

Enter your valid service account credentials.

Enter your valid service account credentials

So now the service has been successfully begun.

service has been successfully started

Open Manage service application under service application.

service application

Click on User profile service application.

User profile service application

On this page you are able to see the default number of user profiles.

see the default number of user profile

We will create the connection to synchronize the profile from Active Directory domain services.

Active directory

Click on Configure Synchronization Connections.

Configure Synchronization Connections

Click Create new connection.

Create new connection

Provide the new connection name.

Provide the new connection name

Enter the Forest name.

Enter Forest name

Choose auto discover the domain controller.

Enter your domain username and password.

Enter your domain

Click Populate container.

So it will be querying.

Populate container

Now you are able to see the containers available in your AD Services.

AD Services

Click Select all or select the units you need. In my case I selected all the units.

select all the units

Click Ok to complete.

So now the new AD Sync connection has been created successfully.

Sync connection

Now open the Configure synchronization timer job.

Configure synchronization

I am set for every “5” Minutes.

set time job

set time

Click Enable.

Click Start Profile synchronization.


Start incremental then click Ok.

Start incremental

Let’s see whether the timer job is running on the back end.

timer job

So see the final result.


The number of user profiles synced is 19.

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